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Nantong Rongxin Electrical Control Technology Co., Ltd.

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We are the former Rugao Shuguang Tungsten Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd. founded in 1984.There are currently over 120 employees, covering an area of 10 acres. After restructuring, Shuguang has rapidly become a major domestic tungsten and molybdenum production and processing enterprise in recent years, relying on years of production technology and skilled employees from the old factory. Rongxin Electrical Control Technology Co., Ltd. is professional China Tungsten Disc/Tungsten Plate Suppliers and Wholesale Tungsten Disc/Tungsten Plate Factory. And the company is mainly engaged in the R & D of electrical control technology, the production of electrical switch contacts, automobile horn contacts, automobile electrical contacts, and the sales of tungsten molybdenum materials and tungsten molybdenum products.


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Industry Knowledge

Composition and Properties of Tungsten Discs

Tungsten discs are engineered to harness the exceptional properties of tungsten, making them a valuable component in a wide range of applications. 
Tungsten Purity:
Tungsten discs are typically composed of pure tungsten metal, often exceeding 99.95% purity. This high level of purity is essential in critical applications, such as semiconductor manufacturing and radiation shielding, where even minor impurities can compromise the performance.
In some cases, tungsten alloys may be used to enhance specific properties. Common alloying elements include nickel, iron, and copper. These alloys may be chosen to improve machinability or to provide specific material characteristics while maintaining a high tungsten content.
Density and Mass:
Tungsten is renowned for its exceptional density, which is close to its maximum theoretical density as an element. The density of tungsten discs is typically around 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cm³). This high density is advantageous in applications where compact size and substantial mass are required.
The remarkable density of tungsten discs provides them with superior mass, contributing to their effectiveness in applications like aerospace, where weight-saving is critical. Due to their density, they can be used as ballast weights to maintain proper balance in aircraft and missiles.
Strength and Hardness:
Tungsten discs exhibit impressive mechanical properties. They are exceptionally strong and hard, making them resistant to wear and deformation. This hardness ensures the durability of the discs even when exposed to abrasive or high-stress conditions.
Their hardness also makes tungsten discs valuable in the cutting tool industry. Tungsten discs are used to create sharp and long-lasting cutting edges, enhancing the efficiency of cutting, milling, and drilling processes.
High Melting Point:
Tungsten's high melting point, which surpasses 3,400 degrees Celsius (6,192 degrees Fahrenheit), ensures that tungsten discs can operate in extreme temperature conditions without deforming or losing their structural integrity. This property is essential in applications like aerospace and nuclear reactors, where components are exposed to extreme heat.
Corrosion Resistance:
Tungsten discs are highly resistant to corrosion, maintaining their integrity even in harsh environments. This corrosion resistance is advantageous in applications where exposure to moisture or chemical agents is a concern.
In the semiconductor industry, where precise and contamination-free processing is crucial, tungsten discs are used to maintain clean and controlled environments within processing equipment.
Thermal Conductivity:
Tungsten possesses good thermal conductivity, which is a valuable property in applications requiring heat dissipation. In the electronics industry, tungsten discs are used as heat spreaders to ensure that electronic components remain within their optimal temperature range.
Radiation Shielding:
Tungsten is an exceptional material for shielding against ionizing radiation. This property is particularly important in medical applications, where tungsten discs are employed in X-ray and radiation therapy devices to protect healthcare professionals and patients from harmful radiation exposure.
Electrical Conductivity:
While not as conductive as materials like copper or silver, tungsten still has good electrical conductivity. This property can be advantageous in some electronic applications, especially when combined with its high melting point and thermal conductivity.

The Applications of Tungsten Discs

Tungsten discs find extensive use across various industries due to their exceptional properties. These small, unassuming components play a crucial role in numerous applications, where their unique characteristics provide a distinct advantage:
Electronics and Semiconductor Industry:
In the electronics and semiconductor industry, tungsten discs serve as critical components in various applications. Their high density and excellent thermal conductivity make them ideal for use as heat spreaders in integrated circuits (ICs) and microprocessors. This ensures that these components remain cool and efficient during operation, enhancing their performance and longevity.
Tungsten discs are used as protective layers in advanced microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and nanoelectromechanical systems (NEMS). Their exceptional hardness safeguards delicate components from physical damage, contributing to the reliability of microelectronic devices.
Aerospace and Defense:
Tungsten discs play an indispensable role in the aerospace and defense sectors. Their ability to withstand extreme temperatures, resistance to radiation, and high density make them invaluable in satellite and aerospace applications.
Tungsten discs are used as shielding components in satellites and space probes, protecting sensitive instruments from the harsh conditions of outer space. Additionally, they are employed in the production of armor-piercing projectiles and artillery shells, thanks to their high density and penetration capabilities.
Tungsten discs also function as counterweights in aircraft and missiles, allowing for precise weight distribution and balance in critical military equipment.
Medical and Radiological Applications:
The medical field relies on tungsten discs in radiological applications. Tungsten's exceptional density and radiation absorption properties make it an ideal material for X-ray and radiation therapy devices.
Tungsten discs are used in the construction of collimators, which shape and direct X-ray beams with exceptional precision. Their high density ensures that X-ray beams remain focused and do not scatter, contributing to more accurate diagnoses.
Tungsten discs are also crucial in the development of protective clothing for radiologists and nuclear technicians. They effectively block harmful radiation, ensuring the safety of healthcare professionals during procedures involving ionizing radiation.
Manufacturing and Tooling:
Tungsten discs have a prominent role in manufacturing and tooling applications. Their extreme hardness and wear resistance make them suitable for operations involving the cutting, machining, and shaping of hard materials.
In the cutting tool industry, tungsten discs are used to create durable and sharp cutting edges on drills, saws, and milling tools. This ensures precision and longevity in operations that involve challenging materials such as composites, stainless steel, and hardened alloys.
Additionally, tungsten discs can be used as dies in metalworking, allowing for the precise stamping and forming of intricate shapes in various materials, from plastics to metals.