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Nantong Rongxin Electrical Control Technology Co., Ltd.

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We are the former Rugao Shuguang Tungsten Molybdenum Material Co., Ltd. founded in 1984.There are currently over 120 employees, covering an area of 10 acres. After restructuring, Shuguang has rapidly become a major domestic tungsten and molybdenum production and processing enterprise in recent years, relying on years of production technology and skilled employees from the old factory. Rongxin Electrical Control Technology Co., Ltd. is professional China Molybdenum and Tungsten Products Manufacturers and Custom Molybdenum and Tungsten Products Factory. And the company is mainly engaged in the R & D of electrical control technology, the production of electrical switch contacts, automobile horn contacts, automobile electrical contacts, and the sales of tungsten molybdenum materials and tungsten molybdenum products.


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Jul 19, 2024 By admin
How does the performance of a single-phase motor centrifugal switch remain stable in different working environments?

The performance stability of single-phase motor centrifugal switches in different working environments is an important issue that needs to be considered during our design and manufacturing process. Va...

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Jul 12, 2024 By admin
What are the design considerations for single-phase motor centrifugal switches?

As a manufacturer of single-phase motor centrifugal switches, we must consider multiple factors during the design process to ensure that the performance and reliability of the centrifugal switch are a...

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Jul 05, 2024 By admin
What are the advantages of high-density pure molybdenum screws compared with other high-temperature alloy screws?

High Temperature Special-Shaped High Density Pure Molybdenum Screws exhibit excellent performance and multiple advantages in high temperature environments, making them one of the indispensable materia...

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Jun 28, 2024 By admin
What are the installation and maintenance requirements for ferro-tungsten contacts in electrical contactors?

When using Low Contact Resistance Iron-Tungsten Electrical Contacts in electrical contactors, ensuring that their installation and maintenance meet strict requirements is the key to ensuring reliable ...

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